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Services we provide

  • ​Credit Improvement and Repair

  • Debt Elimination Strategies and Assistance

  • Free Personal Income Tax Preparation

  • Mortgage Qualification Strategies

Free Personal Income Tax Preparation

We prepare and file your federal and state personal income tax return annually.

Debt Elimination Strategies and Assistance 

Proven plan to eliminate debt and improve your financial outlook.

Tax, Debt and Credit

  • Tax Strategies to help you save money

  • Attack Principle and pay off loans sooner!

  • Available to answer questions when you need it

  • Credit protection and remove bad credit

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Disclosure - "American Mortgage and Credit LLC is not a mortgage origination service or credit repair company. We provide consulting services to assist clients in understanding their personal credit reports, we assist them with understanding the mortgage application process, and with helping them find programs that fit their particular needs regardless of their credit or income history. We provide Income Tax Preparation and assistance as part of our consulting program. We are not affiliated or receive compensation from any banks, lenders, or credit reporting agencies. We will not share any of our clients personal information except as directed by our clients to assist them in the process of credit restoration, mortgage application preparation, and tax preparation. American Mortgage and Credit LLC does not discriminate in any shape or form based on race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. Participants may cancel anytime with 30 days notice, all fees collected are non refundable. Please review details on credit repair here;"

Credit - We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the inaccurate negative report items that affect your credit score. We'll ensure your credit history is up-to-date, accurate, and reflects you honestly. Note: This service does not negatively effect your credit.

Mortgage - As lending guidelines have gotten more strict, it's crucial to know where you stand before setting your sights on a McMansion you just can't afford. We guide and prepare you to get approved for not only the loan you want, but one you can afford.

Income Taxes - We take all the stress out of filing your taxes. We will process and prepare your personal income tax return, insure you are getting back the most you can by taking advantage off all tax deductions and credits you are entitled to. We then file your tax return and then we have your refunds direct deposited into your bank account. When its all completed we even send you a digital copy of the return for your records.

Debt Elimination - If you're overwhelmed by debt, you need to make some quick and perhaps drastic moves to have any hope of getting free. Maybe you just need help organizing your expenses and setting up a budget so you can save more money, we can help with that too.

Credit, Tax, and Mortgage Consultant

With over 25 years of Tax preparation experience and mortgage origination, we have the tools to help you work on your credit, answer tax questions and help you with the mortgage process.

Credit Improvement and Repair 

Order and review credit reports, increase credit score and build strong credit.

​American Mortgage and Credit LLC


Tax Professional with Extensive credit and Mortgage Experience

Mortgage Qualification Strategies

We help you prepare to apply by setting you up to be approved for the loan you need to purchase your dream home.